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Bathusha Radio. (Tamil,Islamic) It’s an Islamic religiously, Based in Ahlus Sunna Wal-Jama’a doctrinal and the Mysticism ( Sufism ) is biased towards. Continuously playing on air; Bayans, Songs and poems In theory of Sufism in Ahlus Sunna Wal-Jama’a.

➧Mr.Kabeer – Srilanka ➧C.S.M. AliAkbar -(Kovai, India) U.S.A ➧Kadher Sulaimon Jalaludeen -McLean, Virginia, USA

#Website: www.bathusha.lk #Gsm: 0094779584343 #E-mail: bathusharadio@gmail.com #Address: “Bathusha” #06, Muhyiddeen Jummah Mosque Complex Kalmunai, Srilanka 32300 .

Customer Name: A.M.Nifras #Account Number: 111254143672 #Sampath Bank, Srilanka.